We are working to connect all organizations that work with youth to magnify the impact, organization and engagement with youth! Can you imagine the benefit for our youth to be able to engage with other young people across our city? We envision that when youth meet, engage and create together-magic will happen and they will be able to reconcile issues of race, socio-economics, social justice and political topics. #HearUsNow is for youth-serving organizations in the Tri-State Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and students in schools that are public, private, charter and home schooled. EVERY student and organization is welcomed to join us! 

Mission of #HearUsNow
To be the leader in creating a collaborative community where youth voices are magnified, partnerships are supported and youth are empowered, engaged, organized and guiding meaningful changes within their communities.

Vision of #HearUsNow
Empower youth to build leadership skills while connecting to organizations, businesses, communities and each other.

#HearUsNow-Youth Voice Alliance

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Connectors. Trainers. Advocates

Our next partner meeting for organizations that desire to join #HearUsNow is:

MONDAY, JANUARY 27 from 3-4:30pm
at: Interact for Health. 3805 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208