Greater cincinnati Student leader advisory consortium

We are adults who believe that young people have many of the solutions to their problems and we provide access and opportunity! This group will include students from every type of school, community, background and interests. No matter if your in public school, private school, independent school or home schooled. YOUR VOICE MATTERS

Students will meet monthly to share with community and business leaders things that are relevant and concerning to them and work diligently to resolve their own concerns. We will work with students to impact changes that impact students. These students will be ambassadors who will take charge and lead within their own communities. Not only will students solve their concerns, they will be instrumental in reconciling race, gender, age and more. This is a space for all types of young leaders to take charge. You WILL meet students from ALL OVER and many places and schools you may not have heard of before. This will be fun, engaging and life-changing for sure but we need you and your friends. Share this link with students everywhere. This group will also convene a YOUTH CONFERENCE to impact real change on a major level. 

We are creating an CONSORTIUM of informed, interested and engaged young people to change the Tri-State region. Interested? Click to sign up HERE or complete below.