GoFundMe Community Conversations

SERVICES & Programs:


Our team is creatively crafted to join groups with expert collaboration training and listening skills. Always keeping the final goals in mind, we use an Action Research approach to generating collective goals and results. We can assist with developing strategic goals or facilitating groups to work towards established goals. We creatively work with students (old and young) and corporate teams. 

Project Management & Team Collaboration:

Our consultants are ready to join existing programming and environments to manage established projects with qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. 

School Peer Mediation Training: 

We collaborate with schools to train upper class students and staff in the transferable skills for effective communication, mediation, conflict resolution and emotional learning. Our consultants don't add extra responsibilities onto a school. We customize the peer mediation meetings for the school environment and remain during the meetings to assist students and evaluate. We have a customized program that collects data and we review with school Administration quarterly for effectiveness and analysis. We have proposals that are customized for an Elementary or High school environment and that go be used in one school or multiple schools within a district. Check out our video for student peer mediation 

Email: studentmediators@gmail.com 

Advocacy & Engagement Programs:

Our staff gets excited to work with individual parents, schools and districts to increase engagement or establish engagement programs. We collaborate to effectively increase involvement and information dissemination and can customize specifics to benefit school, district or city cultures. We support that in order to be truly effective all voices should be heard and engaged. 

We can customize engagement programs for Agencies within cities that would like to increase community involvement and ensure that various voices are captured. If your agency is interested in round-table discussions and workshops or Think Tanks, we would love to partner. Our team is ready! 

REsearch and community engagement:

We are researching the normalization of violence against Women of Color and would love you to partner with us in our research. We are in need of financial sponsors and partners to collect data. CLICK HERE for our GoFundMe page or email us at drmoffett@moncorinc.org for more details on how to partner. This is important data that can impact our society in the future and we believe the violence against women of color needs more attention and analysis. 

We are also able to host Community Conversations and workshops on a variety of topics. Currently, we are working with a Cincinnati Public Elementary School to facilitate conversations on race to move the school community towards RACE RECONCILIATION. We would love you to join us as a participant or a partner to work on Reconciliation for our communities and schools. If you'd like to financially support our community conversations, please visit our GoFundMe page and partner with us.