Our Peer Mediation program:

Objective: The Peer Mediation program is a staff of 20-25 seniors trained in conflict resolution. The objective of the program is for students to be sufficiently trained to assist their younger peers in resolving conflicts and disputes in a productive and safe manner. Senior mediators facilitate discussion among peers in order to identify the core conflict, and then guide students to reach their own agreement/solutions which is documented in a contract signed by both parties. Mediators receive up to 10 hours of training in questioning, agreement writing, diversity issues, the importance of respect, citizenship and conflict resolution.

Membership: Each Withrow Senior interested in becoming a peer mediator must fill out an application and acquire 2 teacher recommendation forms which are securely delivered or emailed to the mediation coordinator to ensure an honest recommendation. Once students are selected, they are required to attend mandatory mediation training. Lastly, the students who complete the training are sworn in to the program. Students are carefully selected from a multitude of backgrounds, ethnic groups, and social affiliations to ensure program credibility as well as diverse representation/identification across the school climate.

 Goals: To reduce the number of conflicts that occur within the school year. To teach students appropriate and healthy problem-solving skills that will be transferable after graduation. To create a more stress-free and positive school climate by demonstrating the value of diversity, acceptance, and community. To increase the number and quality of student leaders to assist with discipline reduction in the school. The program helps create a positive social environment at the high school.

Peer Mediation Application Form